About Me

Hello! I’m Helen Schryver (just call me Helen!).

I’m a wedding and family photographer living beside the seaside in lovely Sandgate, Kent.

A few things about me..

I love Monkey 47 Gin with strawberries, my scooter, Cards Against Humanity, sunny skies, my super cool family, Googies’ milkshakes (come visit Folkestone and I’ll take you there!) and hanging out at the beach. I love to travel, whether it’s a road trip with my nearest and dearest, shooting weddings abroad or a getaway with my beloved fellow photographer mates. I play the piano and studied Music at uni, but it took a while to figure out what I really wanted to do with my life (anyone else?!), and that of course was to take honest, real and heartfelt photographs of families and people in love. I LOVE a good party, especially one that happens to also be a wedding. My family are super important to me – we have our very own, slightly odd sense of humour and play crazy card games that nobody else understands (and in which we all swear profusely at each other..). I have a daughter – she’s six and mostly into dinosaurs, skateboarding and making a mess. She’s awesome, and is known as ‘The Rascal’, which probably tells you everything you need to know ;) Check out the video of our recent trip to Costa Rica, below!

I always aim to capture genuine, spontaneous moments in my photos. I like to take funny photos, beautiful photos, sad photos, and above all to make them real, and raw and honest. Really, photos RULE. They’re so important and it’s kind of how we remember people. The people that are gone (that’s when you realise just how precious photos can be), the people that love us, the little people that have grown up in the blink of an eye (sniff!). Photographs should tell a story, and whether you’re planning a wedding or looking to document A Day In The Life of your beautiful family, I’d love to tell yours.

I’m really proud to have seen my work featured on various family and wedding blogs and in several newspapers and magazines, including:

Rock n Roll Bride

Rock My Wedding

Truly and Madly NZ

Whimsical Wonderland Weddings

Country Homes & Interiors

A Boho Life

Amateur Photographer magazine

Photo Professional magazine

Hoop-la! Magazine

Your Kent Wedding Magazine

English Wedding

So You’re Getting Married

Fly Away Bride

The Evening Standard

Boho Weddings


Want to find out more about working with me? Give me a call on 07841 457799 for a chat or to arrange a meeting over a coffee or glass of vino (or gin! Let’s do gin.).


You can also get in touch via the Contact page, and follow me on social media too…








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