"I instantly loved Helen when I met her. We'd decided on an early morning beach shoot, to make the most of the beautiful light. At 7 a.m. On a school day. Crazed? Hell, yeah! Who gets to have fun BEFORE school?!

We were hoping for a moody sunrise. We got clouds. And wind. And fresh air, and waves, and laughter and energy. We made some precious memories. Helen was so brilliant with the kids, they had fun. In fact, we all had fun! Most importantly, the photos are even better than we could have hoped for - we've already booked our next session!"

"Helen - we've just seen our pics for the first time and have been shouting at the screen in delight! We can't believe you got so many amazing pics, and even a shot of Chloe's 'squiggle mouth', as we like to call it! We seriously love them all, thanks a million!"

"Helen is lovely. My boys are cheeky and energetic and I didn't think they'd stay still long enough to get any decent shots. But Helen and the boys hit it off straight away and there was an instant rapport. I adore our finished images - they capture our family honestly, just as we are."

"We asked Helen to photograph our twin daughters when they were just 8 days old. They were so tiny and precious and she captured them perfectly. Helen was fab - we were 100% confident in her. We love looking back at those early moments and the photos are priceless to us!"