The unique real-life moments of your family life, made extra fabulous

Matching outfits

Capturing the true character of your kids in an artistic and creative way

Cookie-cutter poses

Generic photos in the park - that look like every other family's pics!

Laughing, relaxing, going with the flow and feeling BEAUTIFUL.. whilst I work my magic!

Bribing the kids to 'behave'..

(your photo shoot shouldn't be a chore - for anyone!)

A day out in the city, or staying home for pancakes in the pretty morning light.. anything a little bit special you would naturally do as a family will result in beautiful photographs you'll LOVE.





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Photo viewing & ordering

I'll come to your home to show you your finished photos. With my expert guidance (and my guarantee of absolutely NO sleazy sales pitch!), you'll choose from the range of beautiful print products I offer.

Relax and leave the planning to me. There's nothing for you to prepare, and no need to bribe the kids to behave. We'll have a blast.

A no-obligation chat where you can ask me anything! Check I'm the right photographer for you, and find out how it all works.



What if we've planned to be outdoors for part of the shoot and it rains?

Where will our photo shoot take place?

When's the best time for a newborn baby photo session?

What happens after the shoot?

London Family Photo Shoots

Natural and Relaxed London Family Photo Shoots. London Family Photography and Day In The Life photography in South Kensington, Chelsea, Greenwich, Richmond, Hampstead, St Johns Wood, Highgate, Clapham, Notting Hill, Holland Park and all over London. Kent, Surrey and Sussex also covered.