Barnaby’s Kitchen Sink Baby Bath Photos // Kent Family Photographer

    Barnaby’s Kitchen Sink Baby Bath Photos! // Kent Family Photographer

    Kitchen sink baby bath photos FTW… 😍
    How cute are these photos of one year old Barnaby bathing in the kitchen sink at home? I absolutely adored photographing this gorgeous little chap having some bubble bath time fun! He had an absolute blast splashing about – his parents plan on displaying the photos from the shoot on their kitchen walls and I think they’ll look blinking marvellous.


    Kitchen sinks can get really slippy – if you’re planning on trying a ‘do-it-yourself’ photo shoot like this at home please use hidden padding inside the sink to protect your little one (those little inflatable bath pillows would be ideal). Don’t attempt this unless your baby is confident sitting up for extended periods of time (or unless you plan on holding them throughout!).

    Book A Photo Shoot at Home in Kent or London

    If you fancy having me capture some kitchen sink baby bath photos of your own little one having as much fun as this chap, then get in touch! Photo shoots at home are available in Kent, Surrey and London. These shoots are on special offer right now at a cost of £150 for an hour long photo session, including five digital images of your choice to be picked from an online gallery of around 20 beautifully edited finished photos. Prints are available as extras, from £18 each.
    Fill in the online Contact form, call me on 07841 457799 or email helen@schryverphoto.com for all the details and to book your slot. Available for a limited time only!

    Kitchen Sink Baby Bath Photos Gallery

    Here are the photos of baby Barnaby having a blast in the kitchen sink at home. What a cute little chap. Enjoy the photos and as always I’d love it if you’d leave a comment below!

    Helen xoxo

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    June 15, 2018



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