March 4, 2019

5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Wear Matching Outfits for your Family Photo Session (leave that sh*t in the ’90s!)

Thinking about what to wear for you for your upcoming family photo shoot? Here’s 5 reasons you shouldn’t wear matching outfits…

1 – It’s not ‘real’

Let’s be clear – there’s nothing wrong with wanting to make some effort with your appearance if you’re having a family photo session; especially if you’re planning a new wall display, or to create a photo book that lasts forever. But the photos you and your children will treasure are going to be those that evoke the most significant memories of that time – the ones that show you and your kids exactly as you are. For me, looking back on childhood photos, it’s often the clothes I am wearing in them that spark the strongest sense of nostalgia. Those rainbow leggings I insisted on wearing every day throughout 1991, and the Doc Martens boots that still to this day might be the best thing that Father Christmas has ever brought me. The best photos of your family are always those that take you right back to a moment of happiness and comfort. Not so much those awkward posed shots, where all you remember is how uncomfortable those shoes were that you were forced to wear!

5 reasons you shouldn't wear matching outfits for your family photos. Siblings having fun on beach.

2 – Outfits date easily

Remember the popular studio photos from the ’90s where everyone’s wearing top to toe denim, or matching ‘jazzy’ t-shirts? As funny as they are to look back on, no-one wants to be featured in the Awkward Family Photos hall of fame in years to come (if you are yet to discover this website, all I will say is you’re welcome).

3 – It’s just a bit weird

Your family photo session is likely to happen somewhere that you and your family enjoy being together to have fun. Whether that’s the beach, the park or your own back garden, you’re just going to look a bit weird in these locations if you’re dressed in ‘uniform’. If your shoot is on a typically British cold and wet day, don’t be afraid to wrap up ready for the elements, rather than worry about what you’re wearing. I can assure you your photos will always looks better if you’re warm and comfortable!

4 – Your photos won’t feel like you

If you’re all wearing the same thing, you’re going to lose your individuality and your unique family personality in your photos. If you want to look good, be yourselves. The reality of family life is far from the adverts we see on TV, but it is also far more special than that – because there will be no other family like your own. And I think that’s worth celebrating, not hiding beneath matching colour schemes. To see more real family photos check out my other recent shoots here.

5 reasons you shouldn't wear matching outfits for your family photos. Family playing game.

5 – The outfits will get all the attention

Wearing matching outfits will mean the eye is drawn to the clothes – rather than to your beautiful faces! Don’t get me wrong, for the same reason it’s not good to wear stuff that *totally* clashes with each other, has loads of creases, or might date easily (like t-shirts with big logos or cartoons on). But hey – if your kid’s paw patrol jumper is impossible to get off him then those photos are likely to bring back the best memories for him in the future. Don’t worry about them wearing white/light clothes – I promise any food, snot and dribble can be magically erased in my editing. However, as is handy wherever you go when you have little ones, it can be a good idea to have a change of clothes on you just in case! If your kids sometimes wear the same outfits, then go for it, you can’t deny it can look super-cute. Alternatively, if your kid (like mine!) prefers to run around half naked in summer, then that’s fine too.

So that’s my 5 reasons you shouldn’t wear matching outfits – to book your own photo shoot that shows your family’s true personality , you can contact me here.

If you’re already planning a photo session what would your family be most comfortable wearing? Let me know in the comments below!

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