May 12, 2021

New Print Products & Rebrand | Launching Soon!

I’m in the process of designing my new website for launch along with my exciting fancy new re-brand very soon! In the meantime I can’t resist showing off a few of the new print products that will be available in a few weeks, and giving you a little sneak peek into what the Schryver Photo rebrand is all about.

I’ve been running Schryver Photo – my absolute pride and joy! – for around 9 years now. I’d photographed over 300 families at last count. That’s a lot of families. And a LOT of photos! The vast majority of those photos have been delivered digitally – either on a fancy USB, or via a download link. My families like knowing they have their digital files safely stored away on that USB or a hard drive somewhere, and let’s face it, delivering images this way is super easy for me.

But I know that sooo many families are yet to print any of their beautiful images. This doesn’t just apply to my past clients of course. It applies to everyone who takes hundreds of photos on their phone but never prints them, people who got married 10 years ago and still haven’t printed a single photo or had an album made, new parents who pay good money for a newborn session but have no physical photos of their bundle of joy to show off everywhere!*

*If any of these apply to you and you have an overwhelming number of unprinted photos to sort through, check out my recent blog post on Finally Getting Round To Printing & Organising Your Photos!

Passionate About Print

So I’ve been thinking about how I can better serve my client families going forward. I’m passionate about print – maybe because I’m obviously super into photos(!), but also because I’ve seen first hand how easy it is for a hard drive to fail, or to accidentally switch off your iCloud back up on your phone.

My walls at home are decorated with gorgeous photos from my travels and of my daughter and other family members (there are even a few with me in them – Family Photographers hire family photographers too you know!). I make Photo Albums of my trips all over the world and of special family occasions. I’ll be booking a Day In The Life family photo shoot for me and my daughter Olivia later this year, to document a little 2021 snapshot of our daily life post-pandemic, and that will be definitely make a gorgeous Album that Olivia and I will love to look through as she gets older.

I also just LOVE looking through family photo albums from my childhood, remembering our holidays (camping in France), the family days out we took (usually something educational 😂), what our home looked like and just how mental kids clothes really were in the 80s!

It makes me sad that so many kids won’t have the same photo albums to look back through when they’re older. Let’s make it our mission to make sure they have their childhood memories of your Family Photo Session to look at in print rather than on a hard drive!

Full Service Photography

My rebrand is about switching up my business to offer you a full bespoke service from planning your Photo Session through to enjoying and loving your finished family photos in print every day. I have a gorgeous new range of products available, and there’s an option to suit everyone no matter how you choose to enjoy your photos best – whether it’s a beautiful Album, stunning Wall Art and Framing, or Legacy Boxes (a hybrid display/keepsake Box filled with beautiful Matted Prints from your photo shoot).

I offer a full design service that’s included in the price of the products. I can design a whole wall gallery of photos for your home, and show you what different sizes of Wall Art will look like on your very own walls (I have magic software that does this!). And of course Album design that shows off your favourite images while telling your family story in photos.

A Quick Intro To The New Photo Products

Here’s a very quick visual intro to some on the new products available when the Schryver Photo rebrand launches in a few weeks!

Helen xoxo


Fine Art Albums with Linen, Velvet, Silk or Leather covers and matching box. Beautifully printed in matte or scratch/fingerprint resistant lustre finish to last a lifetime. The navy velvet is my favourite so far! ❤️

Wall Art

Wall Collections, Multi Frames and individual Wall Art pieces with contemporary frame styles and a range of finishes. My favourites are my Wall Collection of travel pics (top right!) and the white frame with Olivia in the swimming pool. The photos don’t do this one justice, the subtle sheen finish on this one is stunning! 👌

Legacy Print Boxes

We love these! Olivia likes to change out the picture in the front daily 😂. These walnut wood boxes (they’re super heavy!) are available in two sizes, and have a tempered glass display in front that snugly holds one print for display. They hold up to 20 matted prints inside, making them the perfect blend of a keepsake print box and shelf/sideboard/piano(!) display.


Little extras – as gifts, for the kids rooms, or for your work desk ❤️

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