March 15, 2022

My 3 Top Tips For Epic Spring Mini Shoot Photos!

My 3 most awesome Top Tips for making the most of your Spring Mini Shoot in London. Here’s how to get joyful, beautiful and above all natural family photos that you’ll love.

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Spring Mini Shoot in London Father walking with toddler son on shoulders

1). Let go of ‘perfection’..

Take away the expectation of ‘perfect’ and that’s when the good stuff happens! A Spring Mini Shoot with me isn’t about awkwardly posing in matching outfits and saying ‘Cheese!’ for the camera.

We bring a little more adventure to the proceedings, allowing you to explore a fun new location as a family, stopping for ice-cream for the littles and coffee for the grown ups, and having a lovely relaxed time!

The most common worry about having a family photo shoot is that something will go wrong or the kids just won’t cooperate. Well I’ve been doing this nearly 10 years now, and I’ve photographed countless children who were super shy/cross/reluctant at the beginning of their photo session but my new best mates by the end.

The role of your family photographer (aside from taking photos!) is to:

  • Put every single family member at ease
  • Keep the session going in the right direction, yet relaxed and fun
  • Be ready for anything!
  • Get to know you all and what makes your family tick

All these things should make your Spring Mini Shoot go without a hitch and will definitely help you get those gorgeous natural family portraits that you crave.

Personally, I specifically ask my clients not to ‘prep’ their kids to say “cheese”, to be on their best behaviour or to promise treats and rewards at the end. A Spring Mini Shoot with me is a fun experience where you get to relax, reconnect as a family, appreciate each other and be yourselves – not a punishment! ;)

Spring Mini Shoot in London Family posing by black wooden doors with brickwork

2). Go with the flow..

Your photographer knows what to look for in terms of the best light, location and backdrop for your Spring Mini Shoot, so just relax and go with it!

Your photographer will also try to get as much variety in your photos as possible, which can be tricky if it’s a Mini Shoot of just 20 minutes or so.. My Spring Mini Shoots this year have an upgrade option for just this reason.

Upgrade to a 40 min. ‘Adventure Shoot’ and we’ll have 20 extra minutes of exploring time! These add-on segments take us a little more off the beaten track to some of London’s coolest hidden photo spots, and also include a quick stop for ice-cream or coffee.

Spring Mini Shoot in London Family on busy bermondsey street with cyclists going by

3). Get in the photos yourselves!

Parents (particularly mums) are usually the ones who take the photos and don’t appear in any of them themselves! And no, selfies don’t really count ;). I know you may not be particularly keen on having your photo taken, but these photos are as much for your kids as for you. Don’t you cherish those old snaps of you as a child with your mum? Just remember that when they’re older your children will love to look back on old photographs of you together.. and you look perfect in their eyes!

Us mums aren’t just the organisers and providers, the comforters and the stability of the family. You are loved fiercely, and to your kids you are everything! My photos show you just that.

What’s more, having photographed hundreds of mums I am pretty well practised at getting those angles right for the most flattering photographs, and a little light retouching is included with all my photo shoots.

To see a full gallery from a previous year’s Spring Mini Shoot just get in touch and ask! I’d be happy to share.

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