Newborn Photo Session At Home In Highgate | 25 Beautiful Baby Photos

    Highgate Newborn Photographer | 25 Real Life & Natural Newborn Photos

    Here are my favourite 25 photos from a relaxed and fun newborn photo session at home in Highgate, shot just before the first lockdown (so that’s a year ago I guess, where has the time gone?!).

    As lockdown restrictions slowly start to ease, I’m tentatively taking bookings from April 1st onwards, for families, newborns and maternity photo sessions. Scroll to the bottom of the post for all the info on booking your photo session with me!

    This newborn photo session at home in Highgate was so lovely and relaxed. I photograph newborn babies in their own homes as it means baby’s schedule isn’t interrupted (if they have one). The added bonus of course is that mum and dad don’t need to worry about leaving the house, and all the stress and worries about timings that a trip out entails when a newborn is involved! (Not to mention packing a bag with the twenty million things a newborn ‘might’ need..!).

    newborn photo session at home in highgate photo of baby boy yawning swaddled on patchwork quilt

    Newborn Photo Session At Home In Highgate | Where In Your Home Works Best For Photos?

    Lots of people ask me where the best place in their home is going to be to take newborn photos. The short answer is, it depends!

    A more generous answer.. it really depends on where you hang out as a family, whether that’s in the kitchen or cuddled up on a comfy sofa with a cup of tea.

    As newborns are – usually! – pretty sleepy and fairly chilled creatures, my newborn sessions tend to happen mostly in the living area, perhaps a few shots in the nursery if there is one, and also in one of the bedrooms. A nice big bed makes the ideal spot for some relaxed photos of baby on their own, and allows bigger families to cuddle up nice and comfy!

    newborn photo session at home in highgate photo of baby boy with father
    newborn photo session at home in highgate photo of baby boy with parents

    Above all, your newborn photo session with me is entirely baby-led, and that means wherever baby is happiest is where we’ll take the photos. I’ve done photo sessions with baby being held by a parent the entire time, and still got amazing, natural results! There’s zero pressure for baby to do anything other than what they’re used to.

    When To Book Your Newborn Photo Session At Home

    (In Highgate or elsewhere – I’m available for bookings throughout the South East and often venture further afield and even abroad too!)

    Check out my blog post here for all the info on when is best to book your Newborn Photo Session. (Clue: any time is better than not doing it at all, but generally speaking the earlier the better – babies change so quickly when they’re new!).

    What’s The Best Age For A Newborn Photo Shoot?

    I do recommend contacting me to book your newborn photo session well before your due date – we’ll pencil in an approximate date for the photo session which can then of course be adjusted depending on when baby arrives!

    Newborn Photo Session At Home In Highgate | 25 Of My Favourite Photos

    Here are some of my favourites from this Newborn Photo Session At Home In Highgate. Scroll to the bottom for all the info on how to book your own newborn photo session at home!

    How To Book A Newborn Session

    There are 3 easy steps to booking your photo session with me!

    1. Book Your Intro Call – an informal, no-obligation chat via Zoom/Skype or phone where you can tell me all about you and your family, and I can talk you through how it all works.
    2. Schedule A Date For Your Session
    3. Let Me Do The Rest Relax and enjoy your photo session – with no prep required, zero cheese and no awkward posing!

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