March 17, 2020

Can I still book a Family or Newborn Photo Shoot? | Coronavirus Covid-19

Booking a London Family or Newborn Photo Shoot In The Coming Weeks

I just wanted to post a quick message to thank you all for continuing to support my small business in these rather uncertain and worrying times. It means everything right now.

The most common question in my inbox right now is “Can I still book a family or newborn photo shoot?”, so I thought this would be a good time to offer a bit of reassurance and info as to what’s happening with my photo shoots in the next few weeks. I hope this will be particularly useful to those of you looking to book a newborn photo session, as your bubbas are only this teeny once, and you’ll still be keen to have this precious time captured before they grow up way too quick..!

This guide to how my business is dealing with the Corona Virus / Covid 19 situation gives you a little bit more information about what to expect from me and my business. This applies whether you’re already booked in, or if you’re thinking of booking in for a family or newborn photo session soon.

What am I doing to minimise Coronavirus risk in family photo shoots?

* I’m following all of the relevant guidelines regarding hand washing (first verse of Juicy by Notorious B.I.G. does me well), face-touching, etc. I’m taking my temperature twice a day too. Overkill? Yes, perhaps.. but it’s very reassuring!

* I’m travelling to all photo shoots in my own car rather than taking public transport.

* I’ve always been super vigilant about washing my hands before newborn and baby shoots, and I’ve now added the step of hand sanitising about twenty times a day too.. I’m sanitising the interior of my car regularly, as well as keeping my phone clean and of course my cameras.

* At newborn shoots, positioning and settling of baby may be undertaken by the parent(s), to avoid any contact between myself and baby. My photography is unaffected. It just means you get all my golden ‘baby-settling’ tips verbally, rather than a hands on demonstration ;)

* I’m avoiding public places and non-essential contact with others. Those that know me best, know that the majority of my life is spent either at home with my daughter or round the corner at my sister’s house. We don’t get out much at the best of times..!

* Under current guidelines, I recommend family shoots take place in your home, or in a nearby very open area e.g. park/woodland. I love doing shoots at my clients’ homes – let me know if you need convincing that this is a good idea(!) and I’ll happily send you lots of examples.

* I take my responsibility to my clients and their children very seriously indeed. If I’m ill, you’re ill, or if you need to postpone your family photo session for any other reason, we can reschedule to another date that works for us both. Just as has always been the case.

* I’ll be as flexible as possible with alternative dates and times. If you have elderly or immunocompromised persons living in your home, we will take the extra precaution of rescheduling your shoot for a time later in the year.

* I’m a small business – it’s just me! – and it’s really important to me to keep my business going as long as possible. These are seriously dicey times. As long as I’m completely well, I will continue to honour family and newborn shoot bookings already in my diary, and will gratefully take new bookings as they come in.

Can I still book a family or newborn photo shoot?

Thank you again so so much for your continued support!

If you’re interested in booking a shoot, I am now offering 60% discount on shoots booked for dates between now and the end of the year. You must however contact me within the next 14 days – before the end of March – to get the discount. You will be sent a voucher for your photo session via email, which you can then redeem on your photo session booking before 31st December 2020. I suppose it’ll be a bit like one of those Group*n photo shoot deals, but way less rubbish ;)

London Family & Newborn Photographer

Find out more about my services by checking out the newborn and family info pages. You can also find examples of shoots and lots of info and advice on family and newborn photo sessions on my blog.

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